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There is nothing more enjoyable than taking an afternoon to do some leisurely antique shopping. Without a doubt, you will find the best antiques in Odessa, TX, at Redroof Antiques Home Decor & Colectables. Take a day to stroll through our antiques mall where we host only the best antiques vendors.

Some people like to mix their antiques, filling their rooms with pieces from all different eras and styles. Others are very serious about their collection; they only buy Queen Anne furniture or will only allow William and Mary era tables into their homes. Whichever category you fall into, you will find something great in our antiques shop. You will be able to find an antiques vendor who deals in the exact style you love.

If you are an antiques dealer, come see us. We buy and sell antiques so that our inventory is always growing. Our antiques store is extensive, and we work hard to cultivate the best inventory for every collector. We not only have stunning antiques furniture, but we also have collectables. If you are a collector, whether it is antique dolls, Dresden glass, unique salt and pepper shakers, or antique kitchen tools, you can find it in our antiques mall. We have a passion for antiques. Whether you are a lover of all antiques, or if you are preferential to furniture or art, come and see us.

Visit our antiques shop, and we will help you find your favorite style and era to add to your collection.

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